Is this the worst forum for smart phones?


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Aug 18, 2009
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Or is it just me?

When I'm trying to post anything, my typing gets stalled out by the bottom ad, and I have to wait for the ad to load, before I can resume typing, or it justs prevents me from finishing altogether.

The bottom ads block half my screen, and I have to stop, scroll up, figure out where I was, and start typing again.

It took me about 5x the normal amount of time it would take on any other forum just to type this much.

And I'm now subscribed to every thread I've ever commented on, so I get alerts any time someone finds a thread from up to ten years ago when I first joined up here.

I don't care if people can't figure out how a coaster brake works anymore, or why their clutch sucks, or chain alignment, or any of the other problems that have been solved multiple times over multiple years.

I know I can unsubscribe to these threads that I never subscribed to in the first place, but I shouldn't have to.

This forum has really lost it's appeal for me, and not just because I hate chinese motors now. I wanted to detail my new race bike minarelli build, but I'll probably just post that at moped army, or not at all, anywhere.

If I tried posting it here, it would probably take me longer to post it than it'll take to build the damn bike.

I've got more complaints, but this post already took me a week to type...


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Nov 28, 2012
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There will always be threads on 2-strokes and the same questions because people can’t search like you and I can.

There isn’t a better medium to post builds than a forum. Try doing it on Facebook. Sucks.

My only complaint is I still can’t see signatures when on my phone, I told the admin about this after the switch to new software but it still hasn’t been fixed.

You could try getting a smarter smartphone like an iPhone. Ad actually disappears after a bit. Maybe you got a virus on your damndroid.