Is this anyone, or anyone see this?

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    Yeah, msrfan and all the guys that hang at Adams Donuts in HB know the builder.

    It's a really nice bike.


    I built the bike from several salvaged bicycles I have been storing for years. I attend the weekly Adams Donut shop car gathering and saw several motorized bicycles showing up. I thought I take it to a higher level and artistically build a bike that resembled a 1920s board track racer with a barn find patina. I was given a book on the subject and the rest is history.

    I made a carbon fiber Indian style front spring and reverse engineered a very early but totally functional springer front fork. I used an industrial Kohler motor that has a strong 4hp, a Go Cart Maxitorque centrifical clutch, a carbon fiber chain guard, fender, gas tank and seat pan. A company that makes boat railings made my exhaust pipe.

    A ratty old fog light was re lens with recut glass from a 29 Ford headlight (purple hue and all). Mag light bulbs are used for tailights, all using rechargable batterys. Legally DMV registered.

    I was invided to show my badged Henderson at a vintage motorcycle show and was approached by HOT ROD Magazine for a full feature. They did an awesome job. Also the OC Register was there and did a very nice story in the newspaper.

    I use my bike regularly and draw admirers everywhere it goes. It looks spectacular at car shows displayed in the back of my 1924 Dodge woody.
    Looks like its in a display case.
    About $3500 ..
    Mike 714 536-8682
    Huntington Beach
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