Is there a general troubleshooting guide for conditions other than no-start condition?


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Mar 26, 2020
Just finished my Hyper beach cruiser 49cc 4 stroke build...hs 142f with stock components. everything went trouble free until my first real ride. Ran around block mildly for about ten minutes, waited over night, then took it on what was intended to be a 4 mile trip. 2 miles in (never opened throttle completely for longer than three to five seconds), i lost power and rpms dropped steadily until engine died. After dialing carb back to a decent idle, i cannot close the choke without dying and every twitch of the throttle also bogs down and kills the engine immediately. Spark plug is a little fouled, but to my dismay it was soot, not the white oxidation that would indicate lean condition. Any help is appreciate but a general guide is sought after.