is my chain to high on the back sprocket

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    drilling holes through frame not the best idea. The frame can and has cracked in half at the spot you drilled the hole. Ditch the stock POS chain and grab a 415H from your local bike shop. Ride safely
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    I can see some problem here in the last first picture- your tensioner is at an angle to the motor sproket, chain and back sprocket.

    - it's a victim of the frame's chain stay angle

    What I would do is get a crescent wrench- a fairly big one 10 or 12 inch- an 8 inch may work if you're strong, and with the tensioner tight on the frame, bend it slightly to the same angle using the flats of the crescent wrench- I don't know if you've ever done this similar thing with brake arms- but years ago we'd do this to Weinmann caliper brake arms to "toe them" into not squeaking. It may be hard to bend being such sturdy steel, so be careful

    but the way the chain runs across the crooked tensioner now and is diverted is probably a goofd deal of your problems- that chain has to run straight from front to back

    It also looks as if you need to then move the tensioner slightly forward to get more room on the right side of tension pulley wheel- this would lessen the extreme angle off the tensioner a bit too.

    I'm sorry you're having these problems -it just looks like you have a fairly tough frame to fit here.

    bend positioner counterclockwise and move it forward

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    That is standard 410 chain in these pictures cj.

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