(inspired by) 1934 HD CAC Speedway


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Feb 16, 2013
dear builders,

just done with first road test for my next build inspired by 1934 Harley Davidson CAC Speedway, satisfied result all in all

- frame geometry refer to 1934 CAC scaled to BMX tire size
- engine; found $25 engine at flea market. i have no idea on the brand and displacement, just a "JAPAN" marking at the bottom. conventional ignition, coil magneto technology (not yet CDI)
- clutch; modify chainsaw centrifugal clutch, remove the sprocket and change with pulley. engine to wheel ratio 1:14
- fuel tank and mud guard, refer to CAC original. under fabrication
- handlebar using trail/dirt bike (not follow CAC)

will update once the fuel tank done/installed