I'm so Happy! Love you DVDfab fellows/gals ;-)


May 10, 2014
Had my old SSD on my PC fail 3 yrs ago ;-(..........and with it my DVDfab program which I had been using since 2012 (version 8) - I bought a "lifetime licence for DVD and Bluray - cloning (copying) - with the f$$%ing REGION CODE and CSS encription REMOVED (so I can backup what I bought - and PLAY my bought retail British DVDs! my dvd player can't play PALs, even though it can! - if the region code tells it cannot!.

anywhy (i know my writing skills are lacking about, sorry), so to continue, just after my SSD failed and I got a new one (which also failed last month due to electrical spike (also damaged my PC/blew-out my internal Wifi card too), however after i got all up and running again around 2013, DVDfab's website was blocked by the US gov! for violation of the DMCA (digital millenium copyreich act)...thy remained inaccessible (unless using a VPN - to much work for me to mess with, so just "let it go" for 2 years.

around last year they were accessible agian - using the Chinese "county code" . and to date remain so.

I emailed them a few weeks ago letting them know I bought their lifetime membership 5 yrs ago, but of losing thier product via SSD failure (and of course my "passkey" i lost on a thumb drive I could not find!!!). They emailed me back to say in effect "don't worry about it - we have you on file".

my 120 buck investment years ago is now 260 bucks on their website!

up and runing DVDfab 10, and just copied my Retail Boxed set of the entire set of The Avengers (which is not offered in America). Removed the copyreich encription, and region codes and re-copied complete menu-setup and shows on a blank dual layer TDK discs, in 30 minutes.

the bought disc refused to play on my Oppo or my 20-buck Sylvania (both support Pal - but are hardware region code bound).

the burned clone plays just fine.

--I have 3 more TV series (PAL format) - that I can now actually WATCH!!!!!

about 100 burns to make duplicates of all discs.

THANK YOU DVDFAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

general state of affairs WRT to DVD copying software today - thanks to Lawyers getting their panties in a bunch over copyriechs,


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