I'm so confused!! Please Help!!


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Apr 25, 2020
SO...I recently bought a motorized cruiser bike. I bought it locally and it ran great for about 2 days. Then it would start and when I would stop it and let it sit for a bit, it wouldn't start again. Left me stranded more than once. Now it doesn't start at all. It doesn't even seem like it wants to turn over. After watching many YouTube videos and reading many articles, I have tried everything I can think of. I'm getting a spark which would indicate that the CDI and wiring are correct. I even disconnected the kill switch thinking maybe that was shorting out somehow....still nothing. Cut, stripped and spliced the wires together from magneto to CDI, omitting the kill switch and still nothing. Still got a spark though. Took the carburetor off, disassembled it and cleaned it out real good. Reassembled properly and still nothing. Though the bowl is getting gas and the float and everything inside the carb looked good. Reset the clutch in case that was the problem. Nope. Checked the Magneto. It looked good. No debris and all wires are soldered. Everything tested properly with my meter. Plus, I'm getting a spark so my magneto and CDI must be good, right? emptied the gas tank, fresh gas in...still nothing. New spark plug, gaped correctly maybe? Nope.Not sure what else there is to check? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Maybe the solution is s o simple that im just missing it. It was strange how it was running so great one minute, and then the next, nothing. AAAHHHH!!!!