I'm back! I want a gold engine!

Aug 23, 2009
British Columbia
Hello everybody, did you miss me? Lol.

It has been years since I've been here, 2009 I think! Well, I have moved from Ontario to BC, and lately I've been considering building a new bike. I sure do miss it!

I was happy to arrive back to see the forum just as I had left it, the same color them and everything! Wow! I guess that means I'll just jump right back in then! .wee.

I'm trying to decide what kind of bike I want to go with, and I'd really like to do a lowrider, 26" wheels, black or dark green frame, with golden everything else. My hurdle, I don't see any options anywhere for gold colored, or gold plated engines/kits.

I do Urban Mining (Gold from electronics) and I was planning to buy a gold plating machine, so I may just have to do it myself! I hope to achieve this mission, but no matter what build I come up with, I'll be sure to share it here with you all as I build it! Good to be back, I'll be happy to hear from you! TTYL.


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Jan 17, 2017
I want a gold engine too. Gold spray paint is pretty easy to fake these days right?
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