idle noise

David Shaffer

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Feb 1, 2020
When bike is running there is this surging sound like somethings not doing a full rotaion got the spark plug gaped 0.25 to .028 hard to get started but need a little advice for I think not getting enough power to spark plug due to gap going try higher one today also will low gap cause motor to drip oil and yes both kits brand new.


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Aug 18, 2009
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Plug gap wont make it drip oil. If it's leaking around the plug, it's because the crush washer is too crushed.

If it's an NGK plug, the higher the number, the colder the plug. B6Hs is usually the best overall. a B7HS will make it harder to start.

Gap should be 20-25, usually. Any higher and it gets harder to start.

If a little oil is dripping out of the carb, that's normal. It's blowback. If it's dripping from the exhaust, that's normal too, just running a little rich.

If it's dripping anywhere else, you have a leak.