Ideas for a successful MB event


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May 13, 2011
Central Illinois
Every year I host a motor bicycling event. This year is the 4th Annual gathering of this event. The first year we had five riders and this year we anticipate over twenty riders from various places throughout the country. Next year will be the 5th Annual and I expect that to be an even larger event.
So if you were to attend a motorized bicycle event like this, what would you be looking for in such an event? What would you consider the perfect riding distance? Our rides have been 50-60 miles. This year will be near 70 rural miles.
Would you expect there to be good food and beverages....good scenery...good roads with minimal traffic? Would you expect there to be some part swapping and buying going on? Would you expect the event to remain in the same area every year or move around to various locations? Would you expect some of the GOOD vendors of the hobby to be present? What does a successful motor bicycling event look like to you. Most of this years event planning is already cast to stone, but I am already planning for next year and would like to incorporate good ideas from fellow riders into next years 5th year ride.

If you are interested in what we have done in the past and or plan to do this year....visit
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