I'd rather have two half batteries than one whole !

Nashville Kat

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Apr 20, 2009
Jacksonville, Florida
Just a major corporate policy complaint and asking "why not" musing (although I know the answers, Petro Buck)

Looing at the battery landscape and dismayed by both the costs and increasing voltages.
, it has now become my own belief that I'd rather have two lesser "10 mile batteries" if you care to call them that, than a larger and heavier "20 mile battery"- BECAUSE- the battery I'd have on then would weigh less, and the other one could be charging-

of course with I'd really rather end up with is one 10 mile range at half the cost- which is never the Corporate Weigh these days (or I could still get a viable one liter firefly car I think)

I guess the best I can do is keep the wattage down so I can get the smallest bottle battery I'm offered, which is still then maybe too much for my six mile needs- and I can still pedal if I'm not lugging great battery weight that's gone dead, or a bike that's beefed up extra to carry it.

Anyway- just a thought or two and I knew 'd never see that 33 cc China girl- but I could make that a Traveler in quiet style and 22 would more than do.

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