i need a little help on a occ stingray.



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Oct 20, 2008
pageland sc
i have just finished up my first build on the kulana beach cruiser and it works great. my son has a stingray that is in desperate need of an engine and i hear that these are a real pain to do. my first question is does the motor sit onesided in the frame so it will be inline with the rear sprocket? i am a welder and machinist by trade and should be able to fabricate a mount for it. how about the rear sprocket will it mount up with the two pieces of rubber like a normal build or will i need something different to get the sprocket mounted and lined up with the engines sprocket. i am just trying to see what else will be needed for this build if it is to costly with all the extras i may just pickup another bike. thanks guys

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Sep 11, 2008
paso robles, california
havent built a occ chopper but with that back wheel you would have to off set the motor to one side. the sprocket on the back wheel i dont know but i think that you can actually drill the hub and bolt the sprocket right to it. no guarantees, just my observations. hope this help and dont shy away from the chopper build, there to cool.


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Jul 22, 2008
Beverly, MA USA
I drilled my hub for the sprocket and it works really well

I used the mount by Barry to offset the engine, it worked really well. Check out my build thread here

it's pretty easy if you get the mount and drill the hub.