Huffy Cruiser to Kosher Cafe Racer conversion?


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Apr 18, 2017
Whatcom County, Washington
What do I need to do to get my bike more on scale with a motorcycle? I figure that would mean moving the rear dropouts out, or bending the front fork, getting motorcycle/moped tires on it, and making it sit higher of the ground. Now I know ya'll would just say "Buy a motorcycle", but I actually like the challenge of reverse engineering, and the powers that be (parents), are only OK with me building it myself, from bicycle form so that obviously limits me.

The huffy in the picture is what I have now, the photo shopped is what I'm aiming for. Do have access to welding, and I've already started on the gas tank and a cafe style seat. However, using this frame what is the most "motorcyle/cafe racer" kosher I can get with it?

Thanks all.



May 25, 2008
Howdy Jaja! For the look and comfort, I would add suspension front forks. Not the old world springers but the kind that are sleeved springed one shaft. I am sure there is a proper name but will find a pic. I have got whole bikes at Goodwill, thrift stores for parts. Normally $20 bucks and ya have extra parts for later.

Probably the best bang for the buck comfort accoutrement is a layback/bent seat post. With a regular bike seat, might veer off to a more of a bobber look. Might have to fab one, but a seat more like your illustration or mini-bike sort of seat. But then some lil hottie is gonna want a ride...... (snork)

Just my two cents. Lots of true artists around here for examples and thoughts.

Lookin' good so far!