Huffy Cranbrook owners! replacing bars, forks, posts, and a Good new Throttle kit

Discussion in 'Motorized Cruiser Bicycles' started by darrick, Mar 4, 2010.

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    Nov 14, 2009
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    Okay owners of Huffy Cranbrooks,
    I'm replacing some parts and need measurement/sizing info.
    What Seatpost Size/diameter is needed to fit the frame? cause I'm looking into buying a nice suspension post to keep from ruining my back on the bumpy roads here.

    also what size should the neck on the front fork be? I want to add suspension forks also;; maybe buy a mountain bike one.

    and additionally to the fork, I have no idea what the part is called that clamps around the handlebars,but that clamp is warped and wont keep my handlebars up in place (unsaaafe!!)

    I would also like to know your opinions on the best throttle assembly (with nice grips)
    out there that I can buy. the cheep one on my bike is cracking up.

    Measurements? Links? Suggestions?

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