hub wear and tear?

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    Apr 12, 2010
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    what kind of signs should i be looking for when it comes to my wheel hubs? i started to hear a strange hum of some sort its not constant and i only seem to hear it after i pull in the clutch. i recently tried out a comparison. with and without a boost bottle. i've got two straight intakes, one ported for the boost and the other with out. tryin to check and see if it was a possible air leak. then today on my way to work i crashed. it had been raining all morning and a puddle built up at the end of my alley. not big or deep, but as soon as i turned the bike went one way and i the other. landing on my side in the puddle my first thought was ''hope nobody saw that one'' then is my bike ok and lastly am i ok sh!#t gonna be late for work. after nursing a very scraped up palm, bruised knee and a little road rash i had a look over my bike. everything checked out ok, i did re-grease my pin and drive sprocket. haven't had a chance to see if it helped that weird hum or not. maybe tomorrow will be a bit more dry.................shoulda called this post ''puddles are bad''

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