Huasheng engine LOVES Oil


Dec 28, 2017
So I made a weird discovery today. My Huasheng engine freaking loves too much oil.
When changing the oil last night, I accidentally added way too much new oil back. To the point where it was leaking small amounts of oil from the exhaust and burned oil smoke this morning for a minute or so.

But the performance is much better. The low end torque is much better and it holds 30 MPH much better.
Can anyone explain to me why this is? I would have thought this would negatively impact the engine performance, not greatly improve it. Could this be an engine design flaw and it actually needs more oil than the indicator shows? Could oil be hitting more places than it previously was allowing better performance?
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Nov 28, 2012
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the burning oil is probably cause you spilled a little bit on the exhaust. it doesn't take much.

running too much oil can cause venting issues and increase the internal stresses of the engine during operation. You do not wanna run more oil than needed.

If you feel like you need better sealing, you can run a heavier weight oil. the object is to run the least possible amount of oil while still getting the good performance. crankshaft/rod hitting the oil slows you down!