HuaSheng 49cc centrifugal clutch


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Jul 7, 2016
My trike has a 1000w front hub and I already have a couple of Predators, the 212 and 79cc, but would like to get something legal on it to get me through FL inspection then maybe put what I want on there if that's too small. The engine is mainly just back up power in case the electric drive has a problem.

They only allow 49cc max here. I want to go with the HuaSheng, but can't seem to find a centrifugal clutch for it. They sell them with the internal part of the clutch for the transmission, but that won't work with this build as the engine sits right over the wheel in the basket and the transmission is not only an extra expense but would put the sprocket too far back..

Anyone know of a complete clutch that will fit the HuaSheng 49? If not, can someone give me the *usable* length and diameter of the shaft? Pretty sure the diameter is 5/8 but cannot find the usable length anywhere.

Also, and I know this isn't the place to ask but since I'm here. Can I hop this 49'r up to 3hp or thereabouts? That should be enough for a backup engine, and that way I can just leave it on there and not worry about putting one of the others on after inspection.

If it isn't one thing it's another with this...been at it for a couple of months now and finally got to try it a couple of days ago. The hub motor did fine, but now the new 79cc is defective and Harbor Freight says it'll take a week just to get a return label from them...ridiculous. Just put the 212 on there to test the engine tomorrow, but I need to get something permanent going so I can stop pulling my hair out. Anyway just a bit of venting there...thanks for any help.