HT bicycle engine upgrades


Sep 8, 2008
I'm livin' large. Got my DAX throttle with integral kill button and in the process of trying to make the mess of cables and wires neat, decided to put a multi connector on the engine leads to the coil and light. I have about a bushel basket or more of old car wire looms I intend to salvage for plugs,wire, etc. for my car build. I found a small 4-pin connector with even the right colors plus red. It has a two-button release that works very well even. It also has a pretty good weatherhead to shed rain.
It allows me to mount the coil way up under the 2 lower bars on a Schwinn cruiser. The 4th wire I doubled up with the white wire and ran aft for a tail light. It will enable me to remove the engine wires in one swell foop. As a final effort, I cut a stainless steel wall duplex cover into an ell and mounted it between cap and hex nuts on the ends of the front tank screws and put a tiny toggle switch in it for the light and coated it with silicon caulk. I'm glad we had this little talk because I just realized the tail light wire doesn't go through the switch. :-|| That's tomorrow's project.