How to wire Chinese 2-Stroke bicycle engine


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Feb 25, 2018
My directions were kinda vague so this is how i did it

cdi has a black wire (ground) and a blue/green wire (pos)
engine has a black wire (ground) blue/green wire(pos) and a white wire which is positive for lights ect. 6volt
kill switch has 2 wires red and black

1. connect the blue/green wire from engine to blue/green on cdi and your red wire from the kill switch all togather.

2. connect your black wire from the engine to the black wire on the cdi and the black wire from the kill switch all together.

3. insulate all the wires.

$. the white wire is for a 6v accessory such as a light. if you do not use the white wire make sure you cap and insulate it for if it touches the frame it could short out whole system.

hope this helps


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Sep 30, 2012
not quite - newer mags often have the white wire as a spare for the blue, so tape the end and tuck it away

to check this open the mag cover and see if white is soldered to same tab as blue