How to replace blown seal/bearing behind clutch?

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    Oct 31, 2018
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    I need to replace the bearing/seal behind the clutch disc, as it is spewing out oil and the engine has lost power. It is not running right at all. I have some mechanical skill, so I think I should be able to do this myself. Thanks!
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    behind the clutch is a sealed bearing which shouldn't leak, behind the small bevel gear is a seal for the crank case, which is subject to wearing out and failing or sometimes just popping out because it wasn't put in at factory properly

    to take small bevel gear of, one needs a hand impact driver to loosen bolt, the the factory puller tool to take gear off shaft - to reseat seal or replace it with new one, it is easier if one takes large bevel gear and clutch off to be sure of getting seal in straight

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