how much HP on the HT bicycle engine
even with mods I have done to mine I doubt Im getting 5HP out of my engine
I doubt they are 2 HP stock
I think on my engine Ive helped the HP far more then the torque which is just moving the torque up higher into the RPMs
I can climb hills much faster but have to have the RPMs up higher to do so whereas before it would slow down to the torque spot
Im going to try an 18mm carb which I think will flatten out the bottom even more but add more to the top In the end a 15mm chainsaw carb with a 12mm venturi might do the best across the board
Im gona run down to the local chansaw shop tommarrow
the owner says he has some vintage carbs which will probably work well

have a great week


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Oct 8, 2008
Puerto Rico
Re: how much HP on the HT engine

Did you get to oversize or enlarge the intake and exhaust on your engine? I have not doned yet but after that, I'm going to try a mikuni 18mm carb. I'm just a beguinner on this engine. I will try to get the most power out of it. If you have any other ideas how to get more power please let me know. Kiko. Have a good one.