How I reassembled a centrifugal clutch without much cussin
Disassembly. Remove the cir clip on the sprocket end of the clutch and separate the drum from the clutch shoe mechanism. Now you need 3 vise grips. Adjust each vise grip until it just lightly clamps the two metal plates that sandwich the clutch shoes. Lay the vise grips aside for now. Now you are ready to disassemble the clutch shoe assembly. Remove the retaining clip at the bottom of the spindle shaft, gently lift the concave plate from the assembly and don't be surprised if the whole thing fly's apart leaving shoes scattered everywhere. Now I assume that you are going to change the spring strength or the shoe weight and that's the reason you needed to disassemble it, So gather the parts you want to install. Where the garter spring is joined put that in the center of a shoe spring trough and lay that on the plate with the spindle pointing up. You will notice there are 3 separators on this plate, for each pair of shoes, slide another shoe under the spring and press the spring down into the spring trough do this for five shoes. When you install the sixth shoe you are going to have to force it in place. This is going to cause some of the other shoes to pop out. I managed to hold all these shoes in place with one hand while I forced the last shoe in place with my other hand. This step may take several tries before you get it all to hang together. It usually took me 3 or 4 tries. Now you will notice that all the shoes aren't laying flat on the plate but that's ok. As long as the garter spring in down in the trough for all six shoes. Now place the concave plate gently down on the shoes and with one pair of pre adjusted vise grips clamp the plates. Do this 120 degrees apart using all three vise grips. When you clamp the last vise grip you will probably hear a snap, that is the shoes being forced to lay flat. Now install the retaining clip around the bottom of the spindle shaft making sure that it is securely in the groove least the whole damn thing may pop apart when you release the vise grips. Place the drum on the spindle and install the retaining clip next to the sprocket. It usually takes me about 10 minutes to do this procedure and I have successfully reassembled 6 clutches using this method with out much cussin.
"Dude 3 vise grips on a mt? You're killing me!!!"

DUDE, If you have a better way without any specialized tools please elaborate. Enlighten us. I am always willing to learn. I have gotten a lot of good information from you in the past on clutch tuning and I'm sure you know more about this subject than I do.
Thanks Tony01. I am going to alternate 60 gram and 46 gram shoes with the black spring today. I think it slips a wee bit to much with the black spring and light shoes. This looks a lot easier than my method. Nothing like professionalism. This video should be archived in the
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Jun 11, 2017
Looks like the Ss maxpower max torque clutch i ordered yesterday for under 30 bucks...figured it was the better option for me all around. Peace✌