How about some high RPM bearings

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    I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong section but I don't seem to see a thread about bearings. What is the official size of these CG bearings? I have an old buddy who is a DOM in commercial aviation who for sure can point me in the right direction to acquire some AS and MS standard high RPM aircraft grade bearings. I just need to know what size, I could even have them made if need be. I would have to remove one seal as they are not rubber. IDK has this been thought of already? I figure if you solve the bearing issue then you can just focus on truing your crankshaft and a few other small things. Does it sound like a good idea?
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    Don't know the size, but is there a number on them? Punch it in on the net and should be able to find it that way...............Curt

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