home made trailer



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May 31, 2008
hey thanks for the input on engines. I got a lot out of the tips page wow a lot to know, still in air on engine going to research some more. next question has any one ever built a home made trailer for one of these bikes,something like the ones to put your kids in,I dont have a job at the time so I was going to start junkin again need a trailer to haul my junk again thanks for your post they help on my engine decession later


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Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
There are several trailer discussions here. Just get yourself a kids 16" bike for the tires and you are pretty much set. You have to support both sides of the wheels is about the only trick to it. I have used pvc pipe, someone used a lawn chair, and yesterday I saw a walker at the thrift store that would be good for a trailer frame. The curved tongue is about all there is to one.

It's a lot like and outrigger canoe.