High Performance Carb Manifold.


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Jan 20, 2018
First of all Hello! Just signed up on this forum today. Question, I have a motorized bike that my old roommate built for me a while back. It's essentially a black Schwinn Midway from Walmart. Long story short, I replaced the old carb because I lost the needle for it, ended up buying a brand new performance carb and offset so it would fit the bike. Got it put together just fine and now i'm having trouble installing the carb to the intake manifold. Is there supposed to be some kind of rubber piece that connects the intake manifold to the carb itself? If so does anyone know where I can get one for cheap? I think I might have lost it. I know there's a gasket the connects the manifold to the engine and I have that installed already. NEED to get this fixed ASAP only way to get to and from work from now on.

EDIT: Will post a pic in a little bit and here's a link to the carb I bought.