Hi to Everyone...


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Jun 23, 2019
Hello My name is Jesse And I'm new to the forum but old to building bikes..... so I have a couple questions for the group??? I'm currently on my third build and I'm trying to go as deluxe as possible. so I am trying to upgrade the ignition system to a stator drive instead of a magneto but can find no information on the subject.
I know the engine is a clone of some motorcycle engine but I have no idea witch one. I've dealt with Hondas all my life and have a good idea of how to make it work with a little fabrication but is it worth it? I don't like the cdi boxes from the kit but they work really well for being so cheep. and I like to use a five wire cdi but without a trigger switch I just will not work .. please help!!!! has anyone done a conversion? or even a points drive for these engines??? please help... anything would be great....