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    just joined need help asap. posted this in mounting techniques as well but i will post here to.

    Ok so in my shop class i brought in the good old 21 speed and a little homelite weed eater 2 stroke. I am planning on mounting my motor over the back tire however i have a slight snag in my plan. While i have a clutch for it the motor spins the wrong way as in if i mounted it on the right to the preexisting chain it would drive the chain in reverse... i dont want that. My plan was to simply put it on the right side and drive it to the tire or the pedals. Driving it to the rear tire would make be the best option however i would have to mount it to to rim its self. If i mounted it to the pedals it would be very easy yo do the only problem being it would make them spin if i applied throttle. Any ideas on what to do instead or a link to a guide on how to handle this problem.
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