Heres my ride, Take a look


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Jan 25, 2008
Jacksonville Florida
The triple spring seat is the best, really eliminates all the numb butt effects. I got the pinstripes off ebay from Twisted Crome, really great product and easy to use. The flame tread tires are three inch and I did put 12 ga spokes on it. They are really worth the extra cost. I polished out the throttle and the gas tank petcock, I think the emprovements were worth the effort. I rotated the air filter out to the side and painted it silver, the black was blah. I have mounted a 12v/ 6w generator and have an old sparto head light bucket. There is no bulb or wiring yet. My mirrors are more cosmetic, the vibration makes it a little shaky at anything above an idle. This bike was rescued from the garbage pile. I replaced everythink, getting the old paint, stickers, and rust off the frame was a real chore. I wish I would have just started with a nice bike. I pore thru everyones threads and have used numerous tidbits of info. The carb tuning info really helped, I was running rich, I had to move up to the top notch. I would have never guessed that was an adjustment. Thanks all.



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Jan 29, 2008
Shelby MI
Did that bike start life as a Huffy? If so that is the finest looking Huffy I have ever seen if not it is still a really sweet looking bike. You must have the patience of a saint to polish that throtle assembly, your work paid off, that is a really great looking bike...Kelly(^)