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minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
Today I had time to ride all three of my bikes. So I feel it's a good time to make comparisons. Now these are just MY bikes so they may not be true for you, It is also on my turf which is probably different from yours.

25cc mtb.... This bike does great on the flat or a slight decline, It does well on a slight incline and even a short moderate incline. I rode it on a long moderate incline and I had to pedal but it was hardly any effort at all. As a matter of fact it was so simple that when I got to the end I didn't realize where the throttle setting was and had to hit the kill switch to stop the racing engine. I didn't have the engine wot which would be a waste it will only go so fast up a hill.

33cc chainsaw bike ... this bike will go faster than I dare on a flat or decline... on a slight incline it hardly notices. On a moderate incline it doesn't need assistance and is under power all the way. On the steep but short incline it will pull it with just a little assistance.

China 60 odd ccs... It will run well down hill and on a slight incline. On a short steep incline it slows dramatically but does not stall or need help. On the long moderate incline it runs on it's own and a bit faster than the chainsaw bike.

Im going to be installing a 31cc engine on the full suspension bike in a week or so (when I get one). I expect it to act only a little better than the chainsaw bike. That only because it is lighter weight.

As a helper engine for someone who doesn't mind a little pedaling, or lives in a flat area, I would think the 25cc would be very good. It is light weight enough not to be a burden moving it around when not riding. The chainsaw is heavy and clumsy due to it's size. The 25cc also gets pretty good milage. I have no idea exactly how much but I put about a cup of premix in it today. I just don't remember how long the last ride was.

The chainsaw has a little more guts to it. It feels more in control as it rolls along up the hills. I actually like that it has something extra when I am rolling along. I don't really want to go wide most of the time as I do on the 25cc.

The heaviest of them all is the china bike. It is pretty miserable to move around when it isn't under it's own power. Which includes starting out from a stop on a hill or moving it around inside the house.

I rode the 25cc on a full length errand run and I found it adequate. It was easier to move around because of it's lighter weight. I have to see about the 31cc wead eater on the full suspension bike. It might be the best of the lot.
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