help with sbp expansion chamber

Discussion in 'Intake & Exhaust' started by dob1385, Aug 7, 2016.

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    Sep 9, 2015
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    So I got the expansion chamber from sick bike parts but am having trouble

    geting it installed. I cant get the silicone tubing to fit. It will go on the 3/4 part

    but not where it widens. I am going to have to run the pipe up the downtube

    and back down puting the end right under the pedal crank. Im using a lot of

    little coper pieces. The ring on the j-pipe part of the header broke off(for springs).
    I dont hace an oxy/mapp setup, just mapp and propane, so im thinking brazinf will not work.
    I bought a product from auto zone called tiger wrap, its for repairing holes in

    muffler, but it doesnt seem to actually melt around fittings. I tried cooking some with mapp.

    Any ideas or reccommendations. I thought about having it welded up but that

    is going to make it more expensive and defeats the purpose og having a

    pipe that you can tune and adjust.

    My bike is a micargi pantera with a dax bottom end, arrow cylinder and fred head.

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