help with bike not starting ??

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    Nov 9, 2019
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    i have a 2 stroke 80cc kit i pickup from on line
    i have compresion and spark but the bike will not start i think its something to do with my carb not getting gas down into the motor
    my ?? is can i take out my spark plug and poor some gas and oil mix into the hole were the spark plug goes ? how much should i poor in to it ??? i dont whont to mess any thing up
    just to see if the motor will start
    or would it be better to trying to poor some gas and oil mix into the pipe that the carb conects to thats on the back of the motor?
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    Dec 31, 2014
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    Pull the plug and clean all traces of fuel from it. When you're certain the plug is clean and dry re-install it and then try to restart the engine for a couple of minutes...put some real effort into this. The point of all this is not for the engine to start (If it does that's a good thing) but rather to see if fuel is reaching the combustion chamber. Pull the plug and see if it's now wet and smells of gas mix, if it does fuel is reaching the engine. If not well that's another question for later.

    Rick C.

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