Help: Skate Board Wheel


minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
I got my first one at the bike shop.... it was some kinda weird allow and about an inch in diameter. You can buy them on ebay and get weldable steel.

Im not sure what drive shaft you have but the 3/8 is a 24 or std bmx thread axle type. The 5/16 will work if you slip the peg on then back it with the right sized nut. good luck


New Member
Aug 6, 2008
North Central Indiana
You couldn't have drilled the bearing out any way. Bearing races are harder than drill bits. It would have turned your bit into a twisted piece of blue scrap metal. Bearings are so hard they must be ground with a grinder. A carbide drill will cut it but those are finicky beasts. And expensive. And prone to chipping. That free wheel would have cost you more than buying a bike peg.