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May 27, 2008
Arab Al. (close to Huntsville Al.
:ride2: OK here goes ,,YALL figure this one out .. i been riding my bike a cpl weeks now with no issues,, chain = tight ... wires = ok .... gas = good mix ... engine =runs fine ... nuts &bolts= tight .. tires =good ...vibration = same as always exhaust = good... NOW am i missing some thing ???.... its running too good to be true... rotfl woohoo i almost got my first 2 gallons thru it for break in time,,, caint wait to see hot it runs on better mix of fuel.... jus when i get it so it runs fine im about to get another bike and swap it all over to it... think i may wait till i start having problems again .... running to well to mess with it rite now.... i have used this forum before i got my kit and during build up ,,, and always getting good advise in here... thanx guys.. even got to meet bama_bikeguy last week ,,, nice gent ... have to go by and see his place some time,,,, yall be good till next time,,,,,,:ride2:


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Jun 28, 2008
Holly Pond, AL

I was up at Walker Bros. in Baileyton, and Norman Easterwood's grandson was on his latest China Girl bike, not the same one I saw last year.

I brought him a new rear wheel from my bikeshop in Decatur, maybe that was the bike I saw last week was the latest conversion....don't know the model but it looks like a solid frame.

That's the guy's name anyway, he lives by the 4 Way, works up at Redstone Arsenal, him and his friend have been fiddling around, tweaking those bikes for over a year.

And now I see Steve Crutchfield in Cullman is on board, would start to give you a local group to exchange ideas. The two bike mechanics up at Werner's in Cullman also were trying out a China Girl two weeks ago, I didn't see it, but one of my customers did.

Both Werners in Cullman and the Peddler in Decatur, the two closest bike shops, have a Pro-Motorbike attitude, give a small discount on parts, and folks will tell you what a rarity having good vibes coming from bike shops really is.

Jack Sheilds, between Eva and Cullman, builds mostly a GEBE modified version, but has done maybe 5 Chinafire installs, and has some upgrade to the kill switch he just discovered. PM me for his phone number.

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