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    allow me to introduce myself, my name is mic, im from north hollywood, ca. let me tell you guys how i got into motor bikes. i was cruising around in eagle rock, ca, and i saw this guy, all tatooed out, biker status, leather jacket, leather pants, the whole nine yards! and as he was walking out of this shop, he sat on his bicycle. super clean chopper style, with a motor. i thought it was interesting. as i rolled away from the stoplight, i can see he was keeping up behind me, and i was doing at least 40mph. i said thats it, i want one. so i did some research. and picked up a 66/80cc 2 stroke engine from a guy i found on craigslist. i honestly dont know much, just really followed the instructions when i installed it. i installed it on my schwinn mountain bike as a little trial and error thing.. im planning to buy a beach cruiser/lowrider/or chopper and install another engine on that once i learn more, and able to upgrade parts.

    my question is for you guys... my clutch doesnt disengage. when i press the lever, its super hard. its already super tight on the clutch arm, but i cant disengage it with the lever. if i push the clutch arm manually from the bottom, it disengages, but i cant with my lever. how do i adjust this? thanks guys... and i cant wait to learn more here on the forums.dance1
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