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Jul 31, 2016
Just got my second hand Motorized Bicycle running. Noticed the carb is leaking, so hope to take care of that tomorrow. Something I just like about the concept, and like the China Girl Engine, for some reason. Planing on a diy Boost bottle, and maybe a larger sprocket. I figure I don't need the speed in PA, more likely to run into problems with the law, since it's a kind of sticky subject here I understand. I just want it for fooling around, maybe a little off road with my son who has a 4 wheeler. He needs someone with him since he is a paraplegic after he was rear-ended on his motorcycle. I also have a car, which I don't use much in the Summer, as I mostly ride my Yamaha FZ1. Love that thing. Put 20,000 mi on the FZ1 the first 2 years. Looks like I'm not likely to make 10,000 this year, it was down much of this year, and part of last year. Now it has a new Engine, and Transmission, not to mention a new to it Swing arm. Don't ask...

More about My 2 stroke. Still think I got a good deal, $200. for the whole-bike, pretty much all together, but there were some problems which I don't fully understand, since I had my friend do most of the work on it so far. Seemed to be something wrong with the chain for one thing. The clutch was also stuck, engaged. Actually that might have been the biggest problem. Now the Leaking carburetor. Best of all, I think is the price, and it actually runs now! We are starting a new break-in period as I can't believe anything the guy told me about it. He said he thought he had 300mi on it. He also said he had ridden it the day I bought it, but that does not seem possible, as the clutch was apparently stuck then. So, that's pretty much the history, as I know it.

So, those are some of my thoughts today.


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May 28, 2016
Chicago, IL USA
Have fun with your new toy. I think you will enjoy tinkering with it as time goes by. For me most of the fun is actually working on mine, improvements and repairs.
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