Hello, looking for a rural exercise solution.

Scott Smith

New Member
Dec 28, 2019
So I “test drove” a motorized bike years ago, now I’m living in a more rural setting, ya know, 2-lane, 55mph state highways 10+ miles from town. I’m wanting to get back into cycling as a convenient way to get back in shape.

it’d like to design, or buy, a gearbox, or transmission system, a power converter if you will, that will allow me to pedal the bike up to the max speed of a standard motorized bike, while giving me the resistance in the pedals of pushing a normal bike to its max speed.

The simplest idea I had and was posted in my introduction post, was to basically use a standard motor-bike kit and then just jack the gearing on the pedal side up to where the bike is essentially unusable without motor power but would allow Superman to pedal the bike at about 80 RPM and go as fast as a gas-bike and couple that with the motor to have my pedaling and throttle control actually give me the resistance I’d need to still get the workout I am looking for. The downside of this would be, I’d have trouble finding front sprockets that big and tears that small. Also, I don’t know if it’s a lot of bike but every bike I’ve had, has had at least a slight issue with shifting the front sprockets, either the derailer doesn’t line up perfectly, or it’s not quite enough to shift, or it throws it over the sprocket instead of onto it. So I feel relying on those shifters at the higher speeds of a gas bike wouldn’t be the safest in the event of a chain slip.

another idea I had and I’m not 100% sure how to implement it, but I got the idea from unlimited class tractor pulls, where they’ll have 5 blown top fuel dragster motors, or 3 rolls Royce V-16 aircraft engines, or 3 Pratt and Whitney turboshaft (read: jet) engines and they will be linked in a gearbox to where these multi-engines act as one unit even if one is slightly out of tune or loses a couple cylinders.

I’d like to design a system where the motor and my pedals can work together in such a way that the motor essentially assisting my pedaling, sort of akin to vacuum boosting the brakes on a car, the vacuum isn’t braking the car, but step on the brakes with the engine off and see how much it helps. And the pedals need to be able to free spin and not be directly attached to the engine so that once the clutch engages there’s no coasting.

I don’t want to ride around town with no need to pedal, I could get a motorcycle for that, and I don’t want to take a hour to get into town if I want to ride my bike to do my minor errands.

Does anyone have any ideas? Surely I’m not the first to want a high (read:reasonable) speed, motor assisted, pedal bike. Surely there’s already something that someone has already designed and brought to market.

Thanks guy for any info.