Hello I'm wondering about a dirt bike build


dirt bike build yes or no

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Jul 1, 2017
Hello I'm still new here but have been reading threw threads for months and have gotten tons of great info.

I'm interested in building a dirt bike style motorized bike out of a good mountain bike frame.

Has anyone tried this? Had success or failure? Why would it be or not be a good idea?

I would be putting a walbro carburetor with a diaphragm instead of a float. Obviously to keep from effecting performance while going on wild dirt bike trips and being in different angles at times where the float would cause problems.

It just seems like it would be a fun build and fun to ride when done.
After doing my first build with an OCC Stingray Chopper I believe this project will go a lot smoother for me.

Please let me know if anyone has done this or why I should or shouldn't attempt a build like this.

Any and all input is greatly appreciated. I already know there are a lot of smart, intelligent, experienced crafty folks on these forums.

Thanks in advance I'm excited to get any information on this.



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Jul 13, 2010
I'd say do it. Others have done that. I didn't want to deal with what I had not known about wide pedal crank to clear engine. I ended up removing the pedal thus in most places means it can't be legal on any roads. I put foot pegs on in place of the pedals. I did however get to have a Special Construction Off Highway Vehicle Registration and do transport my bike to trails in some nice areas of National Forests. Think about slippage of belt drive unless it is like a timing belt synchronous. I even got rid of slippery mini bike foot pegs and put on some used from Ebay Honda Dirt Bike pegs that grab well to my boots. I have full off road dirt bike riding outfit. The high boots have kept injury from happening just while walking the bike with engine off.


Some fire roads are OK to ride on as well as trail if you get a OHV Reg Sticker, and they can sometimes be fun to ride on. I did 7 miles on one to go from one campground to another, then back again with extra fuel I brought.

There are some trails that for steepness or for such large rocks that tires and bike suspension just would not tolerate, I kept to a few trail that were acceptable and some fire roads. For steepness I went on a fire road that was less steep and then returned on the steep trail down hill. It was something that I thought I had the answer. Just know going down a steep trail can be very difficult as suspension and braking is tasked to the limit.