Hello, Im new to this forum and to motorized bicycling. Im from Syracuse NY

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by firsttymebilder, May 10, 2016.

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    Hi, my name is Will. Im from Syracuse NY. Ive been doing reading and watching you tube videos non stop for 2 weeks now. I feel as though Im ready for my first build. Im really liking the Schwinn Swindler with Springer fork and a 2 cycle engine for my first build. Im thinking about buying the Ebay or Amazon 2 cycle engine from $110-$160. Is there anything that I should know as a first time builder or anything I should know about that style frame or the engine ? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Anyways, Im super excited to be a part of this forum.
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    Welcome to the forum. We're glad you've joined us and hope we can help you with your firs project.

    Your questions are little vague and would take pages to answer. "Anything I need to know" Would require posing much of what has been written here over the years. I would suggest you give our 'Search' a try. Simply type in a keyword or words and you'll have plenty read on every aspect of building, riding and maintaining a motorize bicycle.

    As for your choice of where to buy an engine kit; we usually suggest to buy from a reputable vendor who will stand behind his product if there is a warranty issue. Some ebay sellers are here today and gone tomorrow. Buyer beware.

    Good luck and have fun.

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    Howdy & welcome to the site. Like Tom has said, almost every problem/solution has been discussed here ---- tons of great info!

    Best of luck on your upcoming adventure!
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    !. What is your mechanical skill level ?
    2. What is your age (aprox)
    3. Of course you realize that in NY motorized bikes are TOTALLY illeagle. (never stoped me).
    4. I would sugest that a novice buy the cheapest 2 cycle engine kit as it will be a major learning curve.
    5. Use your first buid in an area where you will attract the least attention. Be respectful of your neighbors.

    It is a great hobby, have fun!
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    We're glad you joined up.

    Be prepared to tinker quite a bit. These bikes are temperamental. Though it can be annoying, it has it's advantages. Your bike is your own personal machine. And it's not all that difficult, anyway.

    I'd also urge you to buy your engine kit from one of the vendors who sponsor this site. Ebay vendors will save you only a couple of bucks. Hardly enough to say so and not enough to matter.

    But the info and advice you can find here is absolutely priceless. We'd all be in trouble without it. The sponsors who help keep this site going deserve the sales that we can give them.

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