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Oct 28, 2016
not really new to motorized bicycles. i've had 3. built 2, bought one whole from craigslist. first one built around 2004 but had motor seized up about a year or two later. second one bought before first one had engine seize and still have it running during the warmer months. recent build was finished a month ago after seeing and buying the frame from gas bike.net. i bought the gt frame with the built in gas tank. engine kit from eBay is 49cc 2 stroke. wheels, pedaling chain and handlebar from donor 7 speed beach cruiser found on craigslist. suspension fork with v-brakes, front sprocket, seat post and pedals from donor 90's mountain bike found on craigslist. stem, saddle and seat post clamp were parts laying around in my garage. old road bike bottom bracket from my brother's unused bike he had laying around. 44mm headset i had to buy from eBay. had to buy shorter bottom bracket axle from eBay as well. bike took 3 weeks to build. about 2 of the 3 weeks to troubleshoot the engine. finally got it running properly after fixing the magneto rotor rubbing issue which led to replacing the dead cdi. motor is not broken in but short high speed run was 24.4mph measured on garmin 200. cruising speed is around 15-18mph. fun bike. really like the retro look with built in gas tank.


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