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    Hello my name is Derek. In the last couple of days I have read & reread hundreds of post and replies and I can say I am very excited to get involved with the site. I will be starting my first MB next week. I have found so many good ideas from the various members of this site. I really can't believe I haven't started sooner. I love the idea of a bike have power to it, especially when you can customize that engine and tune it perfectly. I've also noticed how every bike has a personality to it and the only limits are the imagination.

    My 1st platform will be the General Micargis Army Cruiser.

    The engine will be the Grubee Skyhawk 66/80cc Kit in Black finish.

    I plan on painting the engine a rustic color and paint all of the black piece Flat Black. There wont be a single shiny piece on this bike when I'm done. Thanks for check the post out and I will update as the project progresses.

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    Howdy and welcome

    She is gonna be a looker Derek! Post lots of pics

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