Hello From Georgia


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May 14, 2019
Hello fellow motor bike enthusiasts. I live in a very rural part of lower Georgia and recently built a couple motorized bikes. I have a small office across the road from my house which I use for my metal building business, and my man cave. I have a lot of free time so I decided to try motor bike building as a hobby and set up a little shop at one end of the office. My first bike is a Mongoose Mack (I liked the mag wheels) with a BikeBerry Flying horse engine and a Sick Bike Parts HD jack shaft kit. It's a fun bike but I wanted to also build a regular bike to compare so I bought a Black Stallion bike and engine kit from gasbike.net. The kit is advertised to include a Kent Bayside bike which appealed to me and that is the main reason I bought it. Well, when the bike finally arrived it was the old "bait and switch". Gasbike drop shipped me the cheapest bike Walmart sells, a $78 Roadmaster. If I knew they were going to do that I would have just ordered the engine kit and picked the the Kent Bayside at Walmart myself. I asked gasbike to refund me the difference in the value of the bike I ordered and the bike I received which is $40, but or course any vendor with a "F" rating at the BBB is not going to do the ethical thing so I guess I'm stuck with the $78 Roadmaster even though I ordered, and paid for, the $118 Bayside. I'm looking for a good engine vendor and I may just order a bunch of JL Zeda engines right from the factory in China. I was quoted $1,030 for 10 kits delivered. Is there anyone in the states that sells JL Zeta engine kits for less than $103 per kit? Thanks.