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    I have always lived in the city so have pretty much walked or used the bus anywhere I needed to go. Now I have just moved outside the city and while waiting to drive solo I need a way into town for my new job. I have been looking into a motorized bike and so far in my price range have found this.


    I want to go look at it in the next couple days

    I have been told buying any bike like this second hand is folly as the are built to die?

    If I do go look at it what are things I should pay attention to and ask about? I know this is kind of a shot in the dark but any help would be very helpfull. And at the price off $400 would I be better off trying to buy a kit and bike and do it myself?

    Truly thankfull for any help, even a snide comment as long as its funny :)
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    Howdy Josh and welcome.

    Dunno and would hate to give you bumm advice. But could get lucky and can replace just the engine if it goes soon on ya. For the most part, just replace parts easily.

    But building them is great fun! Some of the pluses of DIY is ya really know her and can feel when some thing is wrong or lose.

    But the China girls can be problematic. Would strongly suggest bringing tools with you commuting. Most especially a way to remove the engine drive chain and a plastic bag to put the chain in, in case you have to pedal to work. They will run flawlessly for a long time and only fail on you when you are already going to be 5 mins late for work. Seemingly, it's the law, lol.
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    I'm about 90 days into the motor assisted bike myself and my first engine is in a blue tub awaiting my education on rebuilding them.
    It is a hands on mode of transport,

    I now have spare engine and one to put on.

    I'm willing and working to ride to work so you are not alone.

    There is much to say about seeing the country side @25 mph and filling up a 2 gallon gas can for a couple of weeks worth of fuel.

    But we have to learn to fix and maintain the machine so it is a win win situation since we have Motorbicycling.com


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