Hello fellow motorbikers... I have a 79cc dilemma

Geordan White

New Member
Jun 9, 2019
Roseville California
Hello everyone , I have an Onex 29er and i upgraded my 49cc to a 79cc 4 stroke.( governor removed ).. It fit pretty good and only at a slight angle forward. My dilemma is this : My engine seems to run great first of all, but it smokes after warming up and going for a ride....and the smoke is oil burning in the cylinder. Now i have tried the exact amount specified in the manual and i have looked in these forums for an answer... I even tried removing some of the oil in case there was too much....and it was getting in to the cylinder because of this.. The engine is new ..so my only conclusion is that ....1 the rings have not seated yet...or 2. I already have a problem with this thing I.E. bad rings or cylinder ?? Now i have seen in other forums someone did mention that he only had 8 ounces of oil in his engine without any issues.... Im at sort of a loss here. The thing is with this one... It runs GREAT , has compression etc... Do i just have too much oil in it ? I have approximately 13oz of SAE 30 with Zinc (break in oil)... anyway ...any help would be great... Ill post some pics later on so the engine mounting angle is shown... Thanks ...G. White