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    Hello everyone im new here and first time builder been lurking around for some time reading and researching and have decide to make one of the motorized bicycle come to life. My project consist of and old school bike one of those occ bikes and I want to get it motorized.so far got myself a little pocket bike engine 50cc I believe(I'll try to post a pic of it if my phone lets me).sp far I need to get some parts for it a wheel adapter with sprockect,chain,gas tank,and an exhaust I believe the motor I have is a go ped one I don't know which one has im a noob In this would like some good direction you guys could steer me in also for mounting it i know i gotta go custom but it just seem like my motor is just to big and pedal clearance is harsh..would appreciate the help.
    Looks like I can't post a pic from my phone
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    Welcome to the forum. You've come to the right place for help and advice with your project. You might want to check the DYI section for hints on mounting that engine to your chopper.
    Good luck, have fun.


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