hello every body



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Nov 14, 2008
hi everyone my name is william im from ohio.this is my first post. im 39 i collect crusier bicycles from the 30s to present me and my best friend are restoring a old whizzer believe it or not i found it in the trash clean up a few years ago,i believe it to be an earliy model its only the frame and rims. i had it two years before i realized what i had. i about passed out any way restoration has started frame has been blasted im get ready to redo the rims i dont know if it will ever get finishe i have a lot of health peroblems im just recovering from a small stroke.my friend and i joke about it ive had to so he calls me two stroke get it you have to laughor you wont keep going anyway im looking for a h model engine if any one knows where i can get one thats not and arm and a leg. it dont have to run as long as its all there and can be rebuilt my friend use to work on motorcycles when we where younger im sure he could fix it well its nice to meet everyone thanks william


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Sep 15, 2008
Littleton, Colorado
Where besides the top banner can I see a good picture of that long red cruiser in your avatar? That looks like a pretty machine. I'd like to see a larger view.
Never mind, R,
Just found it on the last page of pictures & videos. Let me add my compliments to those who saw it earlier. It is a beautiful ride. Congratulations on a job well done, sir.