Has Anyone Seen An AoSom 60cc??

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    Guess I wasn't looking too close, but when I ordered this kit I was already in a Dispute with another supplier on eBay, selected-autoparts, on an engine that had been manufactured with the piston in backwards and a wrist pin missing, (it wound up being in the crankshaft bearing,) so I wanted an engine sent disassembled.

    I trust MY assembly...besides, it gives me a real chance to "Take a closer look," for my customers.

    Well, long story-short, I bought an engine and didn't realize it was 60cc not 66...BUT on the other hand, the engine actually looks like a pretty darn good manufacture...look at the pics. But I do have a couple of questions...

    The head is domed, like a Hemi (TRUE Hemi) head, but doesn't have a squish ring. Is this an eventual issue, or if I put one in would things be better? AND is this head better or worse? I hear tell there is much contention on this issue, I'd like to hear some opinions.

    The piston is almost a Flat-top...not sure where this is, good or bad. In Big Boys Drag racing a flat-top is not the better way to go.

    Can anyone please tell me: Is the crankcase the same as the 66cc China Doll with a smaller neck for the cylinder jug? For example: Would the clutch, magneto, and output gear assembly be the same?

    They also have a 66/80cc Kit, and IF it's manufactured as well as this 60cc I'm gettin me one...

    Sorry bout the ramble, now the pics, I guess....

    EDIT: Just got my hands on a caliper and the bore is 44 mm and the website says the stroke is 38 mm (1.5" in.)

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