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    Hi all, well got the bike out for the first test run last weekend and everything went great...Just a few minor adjustments and squeaks...Biggest problem I had was the un-godly pain in my wrists from the handlebars I purchased...I built a boardtracker and went for the look rather than comfort...Now I want comfort...I'm looking for a mountain bike handlebar in chrome...Its simple right ? NOT!!! Can anyone help with a simple request....OK 23 to 27 wide, chrome, 1" in the middle, 7/8" on the ends...Slight bend of a few degress is ok but straight is fine too...I did find one but they wanted $39.00 bucks for a piece of chrome pipe and I've got enough into this bike already...I found another in China but I'm sure as he** not gonna send my credit card number over there....I found a few on ebay for like $10 but they are black anodized aluminum..Chrome please if anyone has a supplier that they know of... I spent a lot of time searching today with very little luck...I guess chrome is out on the MTB's eh ?

    Thanks a million
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