Oct 10, 2018
Hello! I've have been browsing this forum for quite a while, but I've finally made my own account. I'm in the Lafayette, LA area and have lived here all my life. I'm 20 years old, have quite a list of hobbies, and motorized bikes were added to that list after I helped a friend work on his own. He rode that thing enough miles to cross the state 3 times until it finally broke past repair. It was inspiring enough that I decided to build my own with a similar 66cc kit.

Here's a picture of my bike while I still had it:

It was a Firmstrong Urban Man cruiser, with a Zeda80 kit, VBBL kit (lights), and a 32T sprocket. It cruised well around 35MPH, but could top out at about 42MPH on a nice day over flat ground. Over time, it slowly fell apart due to the many design flaws and poor materials (not to mention vibrations...) of the china girl kit, and the bike was later stolen while it was out collecting dust.

That's the past though, and I have bigger ideas for my next builds. I plan to move past kits and start fabricating my own setups from scratch. I'll be sure to share my progress, struggles, and results!