Greetings!! I am back from hybernation =)

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    Hey all...

    Just wanted to pop in and say "HEY"... It has been a long winter... but spring is finally here... and I got my MB back on the road...

    Last fall I snapped off one of the motor mount bolts... So I had a bit of work to do this spring... I got the bolt out... Got the front motor mount squared away... put on a support for the muffler... and some fresh gas ( running amsoil interceptor synthetic at 50:1 )... upgraded my seat.. and I am back on the road... oh yeah... new clutch cable as well and a little fine tuning of that...

    This summers projects for my MB... lighting, new rubber and rims, and new brakes ( currently running with coaster brakes )...

    Other projects of a 2 wheeled nature... fine tuning my Gravity Bike... and building a "Bobber" out of a 81 Yamaha Midnight Maxim 750cc... Already got the frame hardtailed for the bobber... now I just have to get it back together =)

    Have there been any breakthroughs in lighting this winter... just lookin for a basic headlight and a running light... These are to be seen... and not really to SEE as I do not ride at night... although I guess I may... if I had lights... lol

    Hope everyone had a good winter!!


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    Welcome back, Dave.
    Glad you're out of the cold. Same thing happening here, but it's been slow coming.

    Not much new in lighting. A lot of guys are converting to LED technology instead of incandescent. They report better light and lower draw on batteries/power source.

    Keep those wrenches turning, have fun and ride safe.

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