"green" oil


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Jun 23, 2008
Longmont, CO
Another thread prompted me to do some searching, and I stumbled across this oil made by Green Earth Technologies. Apparently it is made with animal fat or something, meets all standards for 2-cycle oil, has better emissions, is nontoxic, yadda yadda yadda.

Anybody ever use this stuff?

Green Earth Technologies

Jemma Hawtrey

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Dec 29, 2007
Essex, UK
Sounds like it could work and it uses at least one of the standards that I have seen before (API TC)...

The only slight issue I have is how it would cope with something that isnt a commercial engine... my Tanaka runs at something like 9.2:1 compression which is a world of difference to the 6.5/7:1 of the HT/CH engines.

It'd be good to get some and do a review of it. You can bet it wont be cheap though - any company with the word 'green' anywhere in their literature will gouge you for the priveledge

Jemma xx